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Mind is the builder ... the physical is the result. (Reading 349-4)

Programs & Events


People come from around the Potomac area region, as well as visitors to the DC metro area, to attend our programs. During the spring and fall of each year, we have the privilege of hosting a prominent speaker from Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.  In the past, we have hosted Charles Thomas Cayce,  Kevin Todeschi, John Van Auken, Peter Woodbury, Dr. Mark Thurston, and Dr. C Norm Shealy.


The A.R.E. MidAtlantic Retreat is another opportunity for people from the Potomac region to connect.  The retreat is held annually in June of each year in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.  Prominent speakers, well-versed in the Edgar Cayce Readings,  provide information and activities set in a beautiful venue, Shepherd University, located in northeastern West Virginia, on the banks of the Potomac River.  

We also host local speakers who provide practical information from the Edgar Cayce Readings as well as their own experience.


                                  Dr. C. Norm Shealy on Holistic Healing

Edgar Cayce

Join us on Saturday, March 24, 2018, for a day of self healing led by Dr. C Norm Shealy, MD, PhD, who is a researchers, inventor, author, and renowned speaker.  As a neurosurgeon, psychologist, founding President of the American Holistic Medical Assocation, and President of Holos Institutes for Health, he has authored over 300 articles on health as well as 29 books and 10 patents. 

Dr. Shealy will share his research and experience in creating a life filled with greater health, energy, and vitality.   This facinating program will be experiential as well as informative answering such questions as:

*How is the best way to manage stress and anxiety?

*What are the common roadblocks to healing?

*How important is meditation and prayer in healing?

*What does the role of intuition play in one's health?  

*How can I manage chronic pain?

*How do past lives influence present day health?

*How can I use meditation and reflection to enhance my well-being?

*Is healing a physical, psychological or mystical event?

These and all of your questions will be answered in this stimulating program.

Know that there is within self all healing that may be accomplished for the body.  For, all healing must come from the Divine.  For who healeth thy diseases?  The source of the Universal supply. (Reading 4021-1)


To register for this conference, contact the A.R.E. Conference Registrar at 800-333-4499 or register Online.

                        Meet Dr. Shealy

Dr. Shealy

Dr. Shealy is not only a trained neurosurgeon and psychologist, but also a researcher, inventor, author, and renowned speaker.  He is the founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and President of Holos Institute for Health.  He has authored over 300 articles on health as well as 29 books and registered 10 patents. 

Dr. Shealy was introduced to the work of the 'father of holistic medicine,' Edgar Cayce, in the early 1970s.  In fact, it was the work of Edgar Cayce that was the inpiration for Dr. Shealy's shift in focus from conventional medicine to holistic.  And, it was his observations of the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine that provided the motivation to explore alternative modalities of healing and to treat patients holistically.  

Dr. Shealy continues his work today with individuals and groups providing information and strategies to enhance and strengthen well-being through a variety of modalities. He is a popularly featured speaker at A.R.E. Conferences in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and across the U.S.  He also presents at a variety of medical and health conferences.  Recently, he has been working with The Monroe Institute creating a research partnership focused on healing, consciousness, and technology. 

                              Shifting our View of Illness

The time has come to assert one primal fact: The human spirit is real.  Beyond the chemical, physical, and physiological study of disease, there comes a point, as we search for the cause of illness, when we are led directly to the core of a person's soul.  This is a bold notion with which to begin a book on health.  It is the first paragraph in this collaborative text written by Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and C Nornam Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.  

Although it was Olga Worrall who inspired Dr. Shealy to look at the possibility of miraculous spiritual healing, it was Caroline Myss, a practicing medical intuitive at the time, with whom Dr. Shealy formed a partnership in healing people.  Struck by the fact that patients did not pay attention to the extraordinary information provided to them through the medical intuitive diagnosis, Dr. Shealy and Dr. Myss started a project with patients to teach them how to get insight on their own ... just as Edgar Cayce had encouraged people to go within for the answers they sought to the questions in their lives.  

                              The Program

The content of this conference is based on Dr. Shealy's book of the same title, Blueprint for Holistic Healing:  Your Practical Guide to Body-Mind-Spirit Health.  Based on his research, work, and personal experience, Dr. Shealy believes that body, mind, and spirit are all interconnected, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Mind is the builder and physical is the result. 

Dr. Shealy believes stress underlies many uncomfortable and disabling conditions. If not the cause of many dis-seases, stress certainly intensifies them.  He contends the ultimate antidote to stress reduction is relaxation.  Relaxation balances the emotions and restores the physical body.  

                Edgar Cayce on Body-Mind-Spirit Health


The largest portion of the Cayce readings dealt with the health and illness of the physical body. Edgar Cayce viewed people as physical-mental-spiritual beings, holistically with mind, body, and spirit as a single unit, so closely tied together that it was not possible for dis-ease to be with one aspect of the individual without affecting the other two aspects.  Change in one is reflected as a change in all of them. 

According to Cayce, there are four basic elements of good health:  assimilation, elimination, circulation and relaxation.  Assimilation includes not only nutrition, but also digestion.  In the Readings, elimination is cited as being at the root of many illnesses.  The body whole, as well as each individual cell, must eliminate waste products. Circulation included arterial as well as lymphatic circulation.  The best way to sustain circulation is exercise.  Relaxation, the last element, promotes the coordination of the body-mind-spirit connection. Positive suggestions given to a relaxed body were considered essential treatments for many individuals who received health Readings.  And, meditation was essential for everyone ... even if just for one minute a day.       

Cayce believed that all curative forces must come from within the self.  Each body is a universe unto itself capable of generating good health given the proper mental, physical, and spiritual nourishment.   

Each ...entity is a miniature copy of the universe, possesing a physical body, a mental body and a spiritual body.  These bodies are so closely associated and related that the vibrations of one affect the other two.  (Reading 262-10)

Cayce did not view illness as strictly caused by physical problems nor did he see its cure only in the physical realm. He did believe in order to stay healthy, we should learn and understand not only how our bodies function physically, but also explore the important role the mental and spiritual functions play in our existence.  

                                Dr. Shealy's Innovations


One of the major areas of focus for Dr. Shealy's work is pain management.  He  introduced two breakthrough concepts to the world to help individuals function while dealing with discomfort.  They are Dorsal Column Stimulation and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).  Both of these concepts are used primarily for pain management.  Dorsal Column Stimulation is used to treat pain in the back and extremities.  TENS employs the use of an electric current to stimulate the nerves to reduce acute and chronic pain in conditions such as migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, dentistry, and labor pain.  These interventions are currently used worldwide. 


They that seek shall find.  They that knock, it shall be opened unto them. Then, forsake not the ways that would bring to thee the wisdom of applying daily that thou hast learned ....  (Reading 262-128)

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Dr. Shealy Speaks

In this clip, Dr. Shealy explains a little about his life, his medical practice, his secret to success, and demonstrates the TENS device. 

Remember, the body does gradually renew itself constantly.  Do not look upon the conditions which have existed as not being able to be eradicated from the system ....Hold to that knowledge -- and don't think of it as just theory -- that the body can, the body does renew itself !  (Reading 1548)

                       The Program Venue

Unity Church of Fairfax

The setting for our conference will be the beautiful  Unity Church of Fairfax.  It is located at 2854 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, Virginia, 22124. Click here for Directions.  The Conference begins at 9:00 am and ends at 4:30 pm; doors open at 8:30 am.  Morning and afternoon breaks are provided as well as time for lunch from 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm.  Although you may bring your own lunch, there are many excellent restaurants and eateries surrounding the conference venue as well as the Farmer's Market located in the Church parking lot. 

There will also be opportunities to purchase books and Cayce recommended products. The book and product tables will be open throughout the day.

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach 

To register for this conference, Blueprint for Holistic Healing:  Your Practical Gide to Body-Mind-Spirit Health, please contact Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. Register in advance to save; bring a friend and save more.  

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